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About Us

Kore Works is a leading provider of manual tasks / manual handling training and consultancy within Western Australia. With all of the Kore Works trainers having significant experience in the Aged Care, Acute Care, Disability, Education and Industrial sectors, this enables us to deliver task specific training to meet you manual tasks service needs.

The Manutention Method of manual handling is applied for all people and loads training, to assist people to safely move any person or thing both within the workplace and at home.

All training is based on the Occupational Safety and Health Act (1984), Regulations (1996), Code of Practice (2010): Manual Tasks, Risk Management and Reporting Procedures as they are vital components in assisting to reduce the risk associated with manual tasks. This, in conjunction with a very 'hands on' retraining of the use of the body to minimise postural risks, provides the learner with a holistic approach to manual tasks risk reduction within their sector.

Style of Delivery:
The majority of the session is ‘hands on’ with practical tasks demonstrated by the trainer and then practiced by the participants. There is a maximum of ten participants per trainer so that practice occurs with close supervision and individual feedback can be provided throughout the session. 

By accessing the highly skilled manual tasks/ manual handling training, your workplace will be well on it's way to improving the safety culture and may in turn see the many benefits outlined below; 

  • Prevention of injury, illness, pain and suffering of employees in the workplace;
  • Improved business performance, efficiency and productivity;
  • Fewer worker's compensation claims, which may lead to lower premiums;
  • Faster and easier return to work for those who have sustained an injury;
  • Fewer absences from work and less disruption;
  • Retention of skilled workers;
  • A safe workplace with a positive safety culture.

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We at Kore Works know that finding the right training provider is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we to take time to discuss the training options most suitable to you and your workforce to help reduce the risk in performing manual tasks.

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